The Fear of God P5 – The Begining of Wisdom

Proverbs 9:10 tells us that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Pastor Andy shows us through scripture the need for God’s wisdom in our lives. Download MP3 here: FearOfGodP5-BeginingOfWisdom.mp3

The Power of the Resurrection

Jesus is alive! We can honor God by walking in the power of His resurrection! Download MP3: PowerOfTheResurrection

The Fear of God P4 – Awe & Wonder

If we are to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth…we have to allow His magnificent Awe and Wonder fill our hearts and minds in the Fear of the Lord.   Download the MP3 here: FearOfGodPt4-AweAndWonder

The Fear of God P2 – What Fear is Not

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…Fear has torment. How do we balance these scriptures? Pastor Andy walks us through “What Fear is Not” so that we can discover what the biblical “Fear of the Lord” really is. Download MP3 here: FearOfGodP2-WhatFearIsNot

The Fear of God P1 – The Six Blessings

The fear of the Lord is not just an Old Testament but also a New Testament teaching that brings comfort of the Holy Spirit & Peace and Edification. When we learn to Fear the Lord, then we will automatically benefit from these blessings.   Download MP3 here: Fear of God P1 – Six Blessings

God Is Good P8 – God’s Plan for our Lives

Whatever situation you are in…God has a path through it. Any barriers or walls that come up in front of you…God has a path to victory. Download MP3 here: God is Good P8 – God’s Path for our Lives

God is Good P7 – His Goodness & Mercy toward us

God’s Goodness & Mercy are ever toward us. His nature is good, merciful, loving and kind.   Download MP3 here: GodIsGoodP7-HisGoodnessAndMercy

God is Good P6 – Goodness vs Pressure

God’s Goodness is not about avoiding pressure, but how to respond…walking in confidence that the Spirit of God is greater than the pressures that are applied to you.   Download the MP3 here: GodIsGoodP6-GoodnessVsPressure

God is Good P5 – He’s Goodness in Us!

God’s consuming fire of Goodness is in us! Download the MP3 here: GodIsGood5-HeIsGoodnessInUs

God is Good P4 – God Cares for Us!

Being under the mighty hand of God will help us through EVERY situation. Download the MP3 here: GodIsGood4-GodCaresForUs