A Consuming Fire

This week’s message is Part 2 of Pastor Andy’s series on the Glory of God. The message is centered around Deuteronomy 4:24 …The Lord your God is a consuming fire, A jealous God. God is jealous for you with a consuming fire. Anything in your life that diminishes your relationship with Him is wood, hay […]

The Glory of God Part 1

This week Pastor Andy started a new series about the glory of God. Take a walk through the Old Testament as we explore the glory of God. The manifestation of God’s presence is revealed in many ways, and it brings healing, prosperity, power and victory. You can listen to this week’s message online via the […]

Our Heart Toward Other People

Our relationship with others is directly linked to our relationship with God. So what gets in the way of having healthy relationships with other people? Sin consciousness, comparing ourselves with each other, and our relationship with the Father. Let’s learn how to cultivate healthy relationships together. Here is this week’s message from Sharris. You can […]

Our Heart toward God: What does it look like?

How should our heart respond to God?¬†What does it look like? Explore what happens when we feel condemnation. Where does the condemnation come from, and how should we deal with it? The Word is full of scriptures about our heart. But in reality what does having a relationship with God look like? What are the […]

Gifts of the Spirit in the Corporate Body

Here is this week’s message from Pastor Andy. You can listen to it online via the player below. http://media.charisfamily.org/2012/gifts_of_the_spirit_in_the_corprate_body.mp3 Or if you prefer, you can download the MP3. (Right click on that link and save the file on your local computer.)